Thursday, April 19, 2012

Presidential Politics goes to the Dogs

I am a true fan of our 4 legged friends.

Dogs are Man's Best Friend and anyone mistreating ( or eating) one is on my shite-list. The issue of DOGGATE is less about what MITT did or what BHO ate, but a total lack of journalistic integrity.

The hypocrisy of those in the media is on full display and continues with DOGGATE.

John Hayward asks, “Why didn’t the media know Obama ate dogs?” They did a mad dash to scour through Sarah Palin’s e-mails — after the 2008 election — and found nothing. But going to any bookstore and picking up Obama’s first autobiography was too much work for them. Why bother? They might’ve found something that would embarrass him.

Jim Treacher says, " (The Media) bought his memoirs so they’d look good on the shelf, but nobody wanted to actually read them. Besides, they were too busy going through Sarah Palin’s middle-school yearbooks."

The Daily Caller chips in, " When Romney puts a dog on a car roof, it’s a job for Diane Sawyer. When Obama eats one*, it’s a (less important) story. And isn’t it interesting that an incident from 1983 couldn’t be more current, but quoting one of Obama’s books is “dredging” it up? Guess it all depends on which party is embarrassed about it."

All I know is we need the economy fixed as that is our key issue in this election and has caused thousands of Dogs to be abandoned by those who have lost jobs and homes. That occurred on President Obama's watch and that is reason enough to want a different person in the White House.
We need a new President and one that doesn't have the media as his personal "lap dog".

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