Friday, January 13, 2012

TOM BRADY is going to school Tim Tebow and the BRONCOS on playoff games in the NFL - AFC Playoff game will be a PATRIOTS Win

Sorry Tim, this is isn't your year. Maybe next year.

This year belongs to Tom Brady & the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

The HYPE Meter is off the scale in this match-up made from heaven (no pun intended)

While Timmy is a nice guy and all around good kid, he & the Broncos don't have the "legs" as they say....basically, they don't have the skills to hang in there for 60 minutes of playoff football against the World Champion Patriots, QB'ed by Tom, Coached by Bill.

We all see what " hope & hype" gets you ( it causes the election of incompetent Presidents)

Tom Brady and the Patriots don't need " hype " as they are the REAL DEAL.

For ratings, this will be a big game - for actual play, The Patriots demonstrated the outcome of this kind of one sided contest about a month ago when the PATRIOTS spanked Tebow in the regular season.

It's good Tebow prays because it is a sign that he has faith. He will need it against the Patriots.

My prediction - PATRIOTS 35 - Broncos 21

It will be a good game but Brady and Belichik will prevail.

Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow: Clash of biblical proportions
By John Zaremba Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boston Herald

When God-fearing Tim Tebow and Golden Boy Tom Brady [stats] square off in what experts predict will be a ratings-busting rematch of December’s Patriots [team stats] beatdown of the Broncos, we’ll see more than Tebow’s scrambling leather helmet-era quarterback vs. Brady’s disciplined, omniscient power passing.

We’re talking a matchup between two sports deities that could dwarf the whopping 42 million who watched the Broncos’ heart-stopping overtime win over bad-boy Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers Sunday night.

“It’s Jesus vs. the Prophet,” said Henry Schafer of the celebrity-pollster firm Marketing Evaluations, referring to Brady’s Dec. 18 postgame prophecy that the two would meet again. “Given Brady’s success and Tebow’s attraction right now, coming from a lot of different angles, I would not be surprised if this becomes the highest-ever rated playoff game.”

Tom and Tim rank among the most popular, polarizing and appealing players in the game. Marketing Evaluations’ Q rating, which measures the public’s awareness and opinion of celebrities, lists Tebow as the NFL’s sixth-most-appealing player, and Brady as the 13th.

“Two out of three Americans age 6 years and older knew who Tom Brady was, and two out of five knew who Tim Tebow was,” Schafer said. “That’s crazy. That’s telling me (Tebow) is more of a national personality than


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