Friday, January 27, 2012

Tim Thomas - MVP and Patriot

There's a reason why Tim Thomas was the League MVP last year....There's a reason why he has the phrase " Don't tread on me" on his helmet.

I'm sorry so many of the media got unglued because Tim Thomas has integrity and won't be used for a political photo-op with the feckless pol in the White House.

It takes COURAGE to stand up for yourself and that is something Tim Thomas has in spades....too bad this simple concept is something that most of the media can't grasp. I salute Tim Thomas as he has my respect. The Fool in the White House, not so much.

Thanks Tim. True Patriots stand with you for making a gutsy and strong stand against all that is wrong in Washington, DC. " Protest is Patriotic" was what we heard from the DEMS over the previous administration's, they are 100% against it because it involves protesting the person they prefer.

Tim Thomas is a MVP and I can easily see why....we need more Patriots like him. If more people stood up for what is right, we would have less of the embarrassments we see in government. There is very little leadership among our politicians. We need more people like Tim Thomas who are willing to call it like it is and are not afraid to take a stand.

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