Thursday, January 26, 2012

Put Americans back to work and the economy will be fixed - It's a no brainer

Over the last week, beyond the stories about the Super Bowl, Obama's failed SOTU address, etc., the election campaigns have been putting out non-stop information about what they will do if they are elected.

The President has sat on his hands for three years, so his sudden interest in jobs is disengenious and his only effort on jobs is if he can provide lots of government $$$ for the unions. This will not get more Americans working, only fatten the cofferes of his political allies. The GOP'ers are also talking jobs but in a different fashion working with the private sector. That is where jobs need to be created.

From USA Today on 01/26/12 - " Applications for unemployment benefits have been trending downward the past few months. Just two week ago, applications had plummeted to their lowest level since April 2008. And the average has fallen about 9% since Oct. 1.

But the week ending Jan. 21, initial claims increased 21,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, fell to 377,500, the government added

To fix the economy, get America on track again and resolve issues at home, we need to put people back to work. It is that simple. Not busy work jobs like the President offered with his road repair & signs debacle but real jobs. Career positions that pay a good wage and offer benefits that people can afford. The kind of jobs where you can build a future.

No amount of hot-air out of Washington, DC will fill the need until we can get people back to work. Those with degrees should be able to do more than apply to Starbucks. Those with techincal educations should be able to do more than run a register at Target. By creating good paying jobs for them, we will open positions at these other places for younger workers who need the experience of a starter job.

It is that simple. If you can understand, and I understand this simple concept, why can't we get the ones who make the key decisions at companies to understand also ?

Until this changes, and jobs are available, the economy will plod along as no one has extra $$$ to spend. That is why the average age of a car on the road in America is 10.8 years old, the higest average ever. No one can afford to replace the cars they are driving.

10 months until the election and American workers need a new President who understands this simple need to get America back on track.
If we hire Americans and provide them with good jobs, the economy will improve. It is that simple

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