Monday, January 2, 2012

Obama requests another $1.2 trillion of the taxpayer's $$$ while in Hawaii on vacation

You're sitting out in Hawaii on a $4 Million dollar vacation, paid for by the taxpayers and what is there to do after golfing and dining out in Honolulu ?

You hit the taxpayers up for $1.2 Trillion dollars...after all, it's only money. Yes, the article states that he is required to make the request because we are getting close to reaching the ceiling for our nation's debt but this putz ran for the office on reducing the debt but instead has driven it to unseen heights. Meanwhile he wants to rate himself as the 4th best President ever....what gall.

How CLUELESS can this President be to ask for a hike in the debt ceiling at Christmas when there are still so many out of work, unable to meet the basics, let alone afford a vacation ? His administration pulled back on the increase request on a technicality until Congress is back in session. Likely the real reason is so he can blame the increase on them. The President will try to shift blame for all his mistakes on to Congress as he campaigns for re-election. I say throw him and Congress both out. They have all performed like bunch of idiots, with a few exceptions like Senator Scott Brown and Senator John McCain.

It is 11 months until we can vote this lackluster incompetent out of office...November 6th can't come soon enough. Please, I'm begging you to vote Obama out of office and send him and his wife back to Chicago. As the bumper sticker states, OMG, which stands for " Obama Must Go ".

Obama delays petition for $1.2T debt limit increase at request of congressional leaders
By Associated Press

HONOLULU — President Barack Obama is delaying his request for another $1.2 trillion increase in the nation’s debt limit at the request of congressional leaders.

It’s basically because of a technicality.

The White House had been ready to ask for the increase Friday because the government is within $100 billion of exhausting its current borrowing authority. Congress would then have 15 days to reject the request, though Obama would veto any objections in order to ensure that the government does not default on its obligations.

But with Congress not due to return to Washington until mid-January, a bipartisan group of lawmakers asked Obama to delay his request so they would be in session during the 15-day period allowed for objections.

“The administration is in discussions with leaders in both houses to determine the best timing for submission of certification and any subsequent votes in the two houses,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday.

Kevin Smith, a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner, said the House leadership preferred not having to call members back to Washington early to vote on the increase request, but would have done so if necessary.

A senior White House official said Obama will make his request within days. The Treasury Department will use accounting measures to ensure that the nation does not reach its debt limit before the $1.2 trillion increase is finalized, said the official, who requested anonymity because the person lacked authority to speak publically.

The debt limit is the amount the government can borrow to finance its operations. It has soared because the government has run record deficits over the past decade. The borrowed money has helped pay for two wars, stimulate the nation’s economy after the worst recession since the Great Depression and keep intact broad tax cuts initiated during the Bush administration.

Obama’s request to increase the nation’s borrowing authority would boost the debt limit to a record $16.4 trillion. The president and Congress agreed to raise it to that level in three steps as part of the August deal that was struck hours before a threatened government default.

Officials say the $1.2 trillion increase should be enough to allow the government to keep borrowing until the end of 2012, or just after the presidential election.

Congress agreed to raise the debt limit by $400 billion in August and by another $500 billion in September. House Republicans voted against the second increase, but failed to block it because the Senate approved it. The increases are scheduled to take effect unless both chambers vote against them.

The White House announced the delay in the debt limit request from Hawaii, where the president is on vacation.

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