Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas shows courage and takes a hit from the media

I was able to listen to the media outlets pile on Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas yesterday for not attending the White House visit with the Bruins yesterday. The media were in full dump mode as I heard radio, print and TV reporters all say that what he did was wrong.

To the pundits and the media, I say you are wrong.

Tim Thomas was exercising his right to protest the issues that are wrong with Washington, DC and especially the light weight in the White House. " Protest is Patriotic " was the mantra we heard from the lefty looney libs for 8 years when President Bush was in the White House. The level of venom they directed against anyone and every one in power they didn't like was unbelievable.

Now, because the Bruins Goalie has issue with the way our Government is mis-managed, suddenly protesting is wrong? He should give up his moral and ethical indignation and make nice-nice with those who are driving our country into a ditch ?

I support Tim Thomas. If you feel that attending a White House Photo-op is something you don't want to do, then you are well within your rights not to attend.

If this was done when there was another President in place, I would feel the same as the day we condemn civil protest, we are on a slippery slope. Tim Thomas made a polite and mature protest. He didn't camp out on the White House lawn, or demand payment from the government. He declined an invititation. It is up each individual person to decide on whether to go, not the media.

Courage is taking a difficult stand when all around you are pressuring you to give in. Thanks Tim for making and taking the tough stand.

We stand with you.

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