Saturday, August 20, 2011

You can't get there from heah...

The phrase " You can't get there from heah.." is something a tourist hears from the locals in northern New Engalnd, especially Maine when asking for directions.

I got treated to the AFGHANISTAN version of this today when I went to get my flight outta here.

156 seats on the plane, I was passenger #157.

So I get to experience one more day in Bagram before making my trek home...
(Insert sound of pissed off Bostonian using his favorite cuss words here)

President Doofus is on vacation along with the Congress. Meanwhile the war goes on here 24/7.

Hope tommorrow is a better day for getting on the freedom bird for the start of the long ride back to the right side of the pond...."

Inshalla" (local expression in the Middle East which translated meaning "If God wills it" )

Just asking for a little help here....Hopefully, Sunday AM will work out better for me.

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