Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Next time use a manila folder Minister....

This shows that Politicians acting stupidly is not an American phenomenon....It appears that it is just as prevalent on both sides of the pond.

Next time, don't be such an idjit and use a opaque envelope or a manila folder....unless you WANT TO tell the whole world what you're planning.....

Minister's blunder with memo outside No.10 reveals UK Government 'welcomes' Afghan president stepping down By Ian Drury
UK MAIL - 31st August 2011

Gaffe: Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell leaves Number 10 without covering up his confidential briefing notes

A Cabinet minister risked a diplomatic row yesterday by accidentally revealing a secret Government memo welcoming the departure of Afghanistan's president.
Andrew Mitchell was photographed clutching a confidential briefing paper saying Hamid Karzai's decision to step down would improve the country's prospects 'very significantly'.

In a humiliating blunder the International Development Secretary inadvertently displayed the file, marked 'Protect – Policy', as he left a meeting at No 10.
His gaffe threatens to heighten tensions between Britain and the Afghan government. The relationship is rocky because of Mr Karzai's repeated failure to do more to stamp out corruption in his regime.

The memo, held in a see-through folder, also revealed concerns of Afghanistan being 'destabilised' if the international community continued to suspend aid money.
Mr Mitchell was snapped leaving Downing Street following a meeting of the National Security Council in which ministers discussed the war against the Taliban.

The timing of the slip-up is especially sensitive because it comes as Britain prepares to start pulling many of its 9,000 combat troops out of Afghanistan.

The briefing papers commented on Mr Karzai's plan to step down when his second term ends in 2014 – the same year Nato hands over security responsibilities to the Afghan government.

Mr Karzai was controversially re-elected in 2009 following an election marred by allegations of fraud and vote-rigging.

He has now been forced to say he would abide by the country's constitution and not seek a third term amid claims he was plotting a rule change so he could remain in power or anoint a relative.

He has infuriated the West and is unpopular among fellow Afghans. He has also been criticised for giving power to family and tribal members.

Mr Mitchell's secret papers said Karzai's decision improved Afghanistan's political prospects 'very significantly', adding: 'We should welcome Karzai's announcement in private and in public.'

A Government spokesman said the papers were of a routine nature and had no 'significant sensitivity'

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