Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's elect the best qualified President, not the person who raises the most money

A wise old Master Chief told me, " If you are making a decision and the main basis of that decision involves $$$, you are likely making a bad decision."

As any Sailor knows, you listen to the Master Chief as he will make sure you are on the right track.

So when I read that SLICK MITT ROMNEY is operating off funds from a SUPER PAC and I see who is supplying him the money (Foreclosure Mill Operators, Multi-level Marketers, hedge fund managers, and others who have no real care about the average working man), I know that SLICK MITT is not the person we want in the White House.

" Follow the money" was the key phrase from Watergate. The Doofus in the White House right now has lots of Fat Cats propping him up also. The idea that both of these simpletons, OBAMA and ROMNEY believe all they have to do is pile up enough cash and they can buy their way into the Oval Office sickens me.

And it should sicken you too. Let's elect someone who realizes it is not all about money but rather who is best qualified and will look out for the citizens interests, not the Fat Cats. That eliminates SLICK MITT ROMNEY and OBAMA as neither cares about you & me, regardless of what lies they spout.

PAC brings in $12.2 million for Mitt
By: Jonathan Martin and Kenneth P. Vogel - Politico
July 31, 2011

A new Super PAC created to support Mitt Romney raised $12.2 million in the first half of the year entirely from high-dollar contributors and spent just over $22,000, according to a report to be filed with the FEC Sunday.

Restore Our Future, a group run by Romney officials from his 2008 bid, was funded exclusively by 90 wealthy donors, most of which have also given to the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential campaign account.

But with no limits on the contributions to such entities as Restore Our Future, the contributors were able to give huge chunks of money – not a single check was under four figures and most were in the five and six-figure range.

There are also no restrictions on how donors can give to the SuperPACs and three of the four $1 million contributions came from organizations instead of individuals.

Restore Our Future got $1 million each from “Eli Publishing” and a “F8 LLC,” both of which listed the same Provo, Utah, office suite. A records search reveals that the same address is also home to trusts set up by the families of Blake Roney and Steven Lund, executives at Nu Skin enterprises and major Romney contributors in the 2008 campaign.

Other givers were even harder to unmask. A “W Spann LLC” on Madison Avenue in New York City contributed $1 million, but it was unclear who was behind the contribution.

The only $1 million giver who put his name behind the contribution was John Paulson, a New York hedge fund billionaire who became famous for enriching himself by betting on the collapse of the housing industry.

Four individuals gave $500,000 each, including hotel magnate brothers J.W. Marriott Jr and Richard Marriott, the sons of the man Romney was named after – J. Willard Marriott Sr.

Also giving half-million were New York hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and James Davis, the Boston-based Chairman of New Balance shoes.

Renee Morse, who owns the Florida mega-retirement community The Villages, gave $250,000 and the company matched that amount.

Romney also got significant help from investors in Bain Capital, the private equity fund he used to run. Paul Edgerly and his wife, Sandra, gave $500,000 each and Stephen Zide contributed $250,000.

The wealthy Fox family in St. Louis – major bundlers for Romney’s presidential effort – gave the PAC $270,000.

Also notable was Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, who gave $500,000. While Perry, one of the leading Republican donors in the country, gave to the campaigns of Romney and Pawlenty, he’s among a group of wealthy Texans expected to support Rick Perry, should the governor get in the

Bob Perry (no relation) has been one of the biggest donors to Perry over the years, contributing at least $3.3 million to his campaigns.

All told, Restore Our Future brought in $12.231,700 for the first half of the year.

The PAC spent just $22,329.50, money that went to business licensing, legal fees and insurance.

“We’re proud of the support Restore Our Future has received from across the country,” said Charlie Spies, the group’s treasurer.

“These donors recognize Mitt Romney is the most experienced and qualified candidate to challenge President Obama’s record of out-of-control, big government spending which has led our country to a historic $14 trillion debt and near double-digit unemployment. As evidenced by our report, we will continue to keep costs to a minimum to ensure that our donors funds go to accomplish our main mission, helping Mitt Romney defeat President Obama.”

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