Sunday, August 7, 2011

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During the 2008 Presidential election, I supported the best candidate for the Presidency, Senator John McCain.

I live in Massachusetts and always was supportive of the men from Massachusetts who made a difference - President John Kennedy, his brother Bobby Kennedy and House Speaker Tip O'Neill. They were LEADERS. Since there are no longer people of that character in Massachusetts, (with an exception of US Senator Scott Brown) I became "unaligned", which means I do not follow party dogma, I vote for the candidate that I feel best represents my ideals of a good and honorable Leader.

After the 2008 Election, my son asked me if I was taking my "McCain for President" bumperstickers off the back of my truck. I said " No, as I want people to know where I stood." I am glad to say I was right then, and I am correct now. America elected the wrong man for the job. We should have elected a Combat Veteran who was tried and tested in the toughest conditions instead of listening to the simpletons in the media who supported a "community organizer" who voted "present" 130 times purposely to ensure he would not have a record that we could judge.

To anyone who would state differently, I question your version of reality, judgment and sanity. Look at the state of affairs in our country and get a grip as this "empty suit" that was elected is an abject failure.

August 5th, 2011
This is not working
by Holly Robichaud - Boston Herald

So much for retiring early.

Don’t you love this era of Obamanomics? It is going so well. Is this the hope and change you liberals wanted? Quite frankly, I knew this was going to be bad, but not this bad. Yikes.

I think it is clear to everyone, except the Kool Aid drinkers, that Obama is now the worst President we have ever had. Never elect someone who voted present 130 times.

This economy is not going to turn around until we elect a new President who wants to end the uncertainty. Businesses don’t want to expand or add jobs when they are going to get hit with Obamacare. They are no fools. Smart business people have looked at what happened to the cost of health insurance costs here in Massachusetts under Romneycare and they don’t want to pay 70% increases.

Moreover, this is the most anti-business administration. The only jobs they want to create are politically correct green jobs.

Finally, Obama has failed to tackle the housing market problem. The only thing we hear coming out of Washington is a desire to kill the home mortgage deduction. That’s just plain nuts. It is a recipe for making this recession a depression. If they were serious about fixing the housing market, they would repeal the new rules that penalize middle class investors. Right now, only the rich can invest in real estate. Obama has wiped middle class real estate investing.

I don’t like this summer of recovery part II.

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