Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boston Bound....

The time has come for me to head home from Afghanistan.

This was ahead of schedule but like the last time, it is not a difficult thing as I will be heading back to Boston, friends & family. Working here can wear you out as one might imagine as we are on a 7 day a week, 12+ hour a day schedule. I am glad to say soon I will be back home where I belong.

Posting here will be sporadic as one can imagine with the number of stops it takes to get from this side of the world and back to the right side of the pond.

The family and friends have been notified and there will be time to catch up on things once I get there. I feel there might even be a few cold beers that need my attention.

All for now. I will resume my regular ranting and raving upon landing back at home base.

I am sure that the news will continue to provide plenty of things to post about once I am back at the homefront.

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