Sunday, August 14, 2011

SLICK MITT ROMNEY finished 7th in IOWA...and follows that up with fundraising in OSTERVILLE & NANTUCKET....

Slick MITT Romney finished 7th in IOWA with a grand total of 567 votes..... Gee, can't figure out why a guy worth between $190 Million to $250 Million would have trouble connecting with the people of Iowa....Maybe because they see you as a rich empty suit ??? (must be pretty fricking hard to figure out exactly how much $$$ you have when you have THAT much)

Well that is likely because the voters in IOWA saw right through his "shallow as piss on a flat rock" style and his slick used car salesman approach to speaking to the "common folk"

So how do you follow-up a drubbing in the heartland???

Go to the two most exclusive addresses on CAPE COD -

Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011

Mitt Romney
Attending a fundraiser
Osterville, Mass.

Mitt Romney
Attending a fundraiser
Nantucket, Mass.

He just doesn't want to shill to the "little people", he wants to suck up as much money as he can from the summer residents of OSTERVILLE & NANTUCKET, summer home of some of the richest people in the country....

What a putz...Now he is going to get a head-on challenge from Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann cleaned his clock in the heartland.....Sounds like Mitt over estimated about how popular he really is with the average Americans...

MITT - Get a clue....The Voters see right through your insincerity and empty pol act. You'll fit in with the other rich folks but the average Joe who hasn't got a raise in years sees you as one of the main reasons his life is rough as you got rich by shutting down businesses he worked for and selling off the pieces...

Romney was criticized earlier this year for telling a group of voters that he was “unemployed,’’ while he earned nearly $114,000 from being on the board of Marriott International.

Like I said, shallow as piss on a flat rock....

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