Sunday, August 8, 2010

Return to Afghanistan....."We do what we must.."

Arrived back in country a few days ago after an extended R&R stay at home.....United had issues with trying to get me back here on my original schedule, so I got 5 extra days ( w/o pay of course ) at home to enjoy time at home with family, friends and the in SE Massachusetts was awesome.....low humidity, cool crisp nights....perfect in July.

Segwaying back into the routine here was easier this time compared to to spend a night in Kuwait prior to flying to KAF and that seemed to help....Jet lag R&R will be at the Holidays.....131 days & counting....

Busy here in AFGHN, busier than I have ever seen it.....lots going on and it is something that makes one proud....The US Military and our Allies are making a herculean effort to free the people from the grip of a group of murderous thugs, dealing with huge cultural differences, political infighting, and the instability of the whole AF/PAK easy feat and the arm-chair Generals who kibutz from the sidelines can get off their arse and get in the game if they think they can do a better job...

Heading back to Leatherneck where I am needed - Work here is good, my company is good and I enjoy assisting the military in their mission.....It is only the aspect of waking up 7500 miles away from my home that makes it difficult each day....basicly it is like taking a kick in the "hurt locker" each and every day...but like others, we will rise to the challenge as we have no other alternative at present....

Words from a wiser man than I resonate:

" We do what we must, and call it by the best names we can, and would fain have the praise of having intended the result which ensues. I cannot recall any form of man who is not superfluous sometimes. But is not this pitiful? Life is not worth the taking, to do tricks in. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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