Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outta Gas....but not hot air

No need for further comment.....this one says it all.....
Glad to say my 1963 Willys Jeep is exempt from emissions standards as is the 1966 VW Beetle I'm rebuilding, and that suits me just fine. Both are fun to drive and I prefer them to the computerized junk they are selling now.
Take a trip overseas to other countries in Asia and the Middle East....if there is a need to reduce Greenhouse Gases, one only needs to review the 2008 Beijing Olympics to see how much other countries pollute...But the DEMS wanted to add to our tax burden as a way of "incientivizing" us to create less pollution.
While I agree we need to limit pollution, doing so by soaking us with a heavier tax burden is NOT the solution. Let's get the other countires to clean up their act and instill some common sense to the debate along with a course correction for the " Chicken Little" idiots who want to alter our lives to meet their political POV.

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