Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Now????

The debate has been raging on for months....Each side feels they have the "higher ground" morally.

To me, it comes down to two things - Tolerance & sensitivity

We have recently been "lectured" by POTUS regarding religous freedom, etc.

Thanks for the POV - Try to do your REAL job when you get a chance (when you're not on your 8th vacation), will ya? Solve the larger issues like the economy and the overtaxing of the middle class instead of wading into a issue that should be resolved by someone other than you. You really didn't help the issue and it only made you look MORE ineffective than you presently are (no small feat mind you).

My only aspect of this issue is that you don't build a prison next to a church, or a liquor store next to a daycare or a strip club near women's shelter. You should and they should understand that this issue is making it difficult to move forward for those that suffered the greatest loss.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was on the grounds of the World Trade Center. It was destroyed on 9/11 and will not be rebuilt due to bearucratic stupidity. Tell me that is something that should still be in process after 9 years. It should be back in place but POTUS is more concerned about the proposed Mosque than the Church.

has started a "HARD HAT PLEDGE" webpage where people from all over the country can sign up to support construction workers pledging not to assist or work on the proposed site of the Mosque.

The issue is not " Religous Freedom " - The issue is about common decency and an understanding that while regular Muslims did not cause the issue, they should understand that regular Americans are hurt and need the ability to grieve.

The decent thing to do would be to select an alternate site and help heal the wound from 9 years ago that will not heal as long as others continue to pick at it

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