Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Erosion of Cape Cod Beaches explained.....This is the real deal!!!

OK.....I had to post this one.....Kudos to the author, one Ms. Rose Grant of Fall River, MA.....

Beach Erosion solved !!!!

3-year-olds hold the secret to Marconi's missing sand

August 10, 2010

Officials at the National Seashore have been telling us that relentless wave action over the centuries have caused the Cape shoreline to continually erode. This is all a hoax.

The loss of dunes along the Cape results from the visits of toddlers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Coming to the Cape every summer in minivans and Volvo wagons, bearing plates such as WLFT, PTWN and ILVCC, they are stealing the Cape from right under our noses!
It has been determined that the average 3-year-old carries 2.3 pounds of sand home each year in his water shoes, bathing suit liner and in the previously mentioned minivan.

After several generations of summer bridge crossings, several tons of sand from Marconi Beach alone have been relocated to Passaic, N.J.

To stop this one-way flow of our precious resource, I suggest the following:
Weigh stations at the Bourne and Sagamore bridges. Cars with young children must stop and be weighed entering and leaving the Cape. Cars weighing more at departure would require a search by sand-sniffing dogs.

Upon arrival home, all vacuum cleaner bags would be emptied into pre-paid mailers so that sand could be returned to its rightful place, no questions asked.

It's time to save our Cape!

Rose M. Grant
Fall River

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