Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day - “It's not just Cape traffic & cookouts, it's really about the ultimate sacrifice that so many men and women have [made]”

The enclosed picture shows 20,000 flags planed on the Boston Common to represent the servicemen & women who have given their lives in defense of our country and our state of Massachsuetts since Worl War I. As the 13th generation of a family that came to Massachusetts in 1635, quite a few of my ancestors are among those 20,000. I have served and one of my children served in our fine US Navy. It was our distinct privilege to wear the uniform and continue a long tradition of selfless service to our country.

This weekend, make Memorial Day Weekend about more than cookouts and another day off. I'll be here in Afghanistan supporting our fine military. Please do your part to honor our fallen Warriors wherever you are.

Ceremony honors state's fallen ahead of Memorial Day

BOSTON -- Twenty thousand flags filled up Boston Common as the city honored fallen service members heading into the Memorial Day weekend.

“Each of them represent a heart silenced and a life lost in service to Massachusetts and the country from the beginning of World War One until last month,” Steven Kerrigan of the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund said.

One of those flags was for PFC John Hart.

“He always wanted to be a soldier,” his mother, Alma Hart, said.

The 20-year-old lost his life when he was ambushed in Iraq back in 2003.

“He stood up, did his duty and covered the wounded and when he ran out of bullets he was shot,” Hart said.

Years later, his mother had a Memorial Day weekend message.

“You should pause for a moment and think about the hopes and dreams these people had,” she said.

With mourning families, city and state leaders took a moment to remember the fallen.

“This visual behind us, 20,000 flags, is a powerful, silent tribute,” Governor Deval Patrick said.

“It's not just Cape traffic and cookouts, it's really about the ultimate sacrifice that so many men and women have paid for our commonwealth,” Kerrigan said.

The names of 143 Massachusetts servicemen and women killed in recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were also read during Thursday’s ceremony

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