Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Four of a kind.....Four narcissistic fools who believe their own PR

Maybe we should blame it on the full moon....maybe it is because too many of these idiots believe their own PR.....Either way, it seems that the idiots who want us to fawn all over them are in full season.....

DOPRAH, a.k.a the self imposed Queen of all Mediocrity had her final, final, final going away show in CHI-TOWN which involved many other celebrities telling the meglomanical talk show host how wonderful she is....she of course set this up for herself and scheduled all the people who would be there to fawn all over her...A tad bit Narcissistic, don't ya think? Whatever...PLEASE DOPRAH, just go away. Please...we are begging you....JUST.GO.AWAY

Then we have SLICK MITT ROMNEY who said he raised 10 Million dollars in a one night phone bank callathon just the other day...Must have been a compelling sales pitch, " Hi, I'm calling from the Mitt Romney Campaign office and if you don't donate some $$$, we'll just keep calling and calling and calling until you do....."

Likely those who were waterboarded at GITMO got off easier than having to listen to his drivel...Just like the speech he gave last week which was pretty much labeled "desperate" by anyone who saw it and those who see him for what he is, another narcissistic fool who believes his own image when he looks in the mirror. Mitt, just GO AWAY....we're begging you....You aren't going to be President of the United States, no matter how much money you stack up. And take Ann, your wife who is just as obnoxious as Obama's wife...They are a matched set, and just as delusional as their husbands.

POTUS came to Boston to garner more money from idiots who must not have a clue of how he really feels about them and the American Public....He looks down the end of his nose and sees us as " the unwashed masses ", unworthy of his greatness....Hold on, I just threw up in my mouth a little....POTUS needs to go away along with his BFF DOPRAH....Please, and take your cow of a wife with you.

Finally, we have the Governor of the State of Massachusetts, Deval " Spend-it-all" Patrick....POTUS' other BFF...and delusional fool. He got re-elected by all the folks in the state who are on state/federal assistance or are the last hold outs of the Liberals...The parts of the state that elected him have the highest dependency on state aid & federal handouts (Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Springfield, Boston, Cambridge, Lawrence, Lowell, etc.) His opponent, Charlie Baker garnered votes from all the suburbs and the other areas where people actually earn a paycheck, not simply line up for a handout....see a trend there?? If you don't believe me, look it up. It is a matter of record.

Governor Doofus also published a biography which isn't exactly doing so well....shocker.

Here is John Keller's take...He comments for WBZ-TV out of can draw you own conclusion along with the citizens of Massachusetts who have heard enough from the "Empty Suit" sitting in the State House, pretending to care about the citizens, when just like POTUS, MITT and DOPRAH, he feels it is all about him....ugh. We need all four of these idiots to go away and what we need are some real leaders.
We need Leaders who can make a real difference and not just make it all about THEMSELVES.

Keller @ Large: Patrick Book Not Box Office Boffo
By John Keller - WBZ-TV

Gov. Deval Patrick’s memoir may be compelling. But it isn’t selling — at least, not selling well enough so far to justify the $1.3 million advance paid by Broadway Books for “A Reason to Believe: Lessons from an Improbable Life.”

The book was officially released on April
12, kicking off a media blitz including high-profile appearances on the “Today Show” and “The Daily Show.” Thirty-five days later, after a one-week-stand at #25 on the New York Times bestseller list and a one-week visit to the Boston Globe’s list, Nielsen Bookscan had logged 4,293 copies sold, according to data supplied by an industry source.

By comparison, in March, Politico noted that roughly a month after the release of his memoir, Sen. Scott Brown had a “disappointing” 15,534 copies sold, also according to Nielsen Bookscan, which monitors bookstore sales. (It’s not known how many copies were purchased by Brown himself for use as gifts to supporters and donors, a common industry practice that Patrick has so far eschewed, according to a spokesman for his campaign committee.)

With the national publicity tour behind him and only a sparse schedule of local appearances by the author still advertised on the Broadway Books website, the sales future of the book is uncertain. Says one high-placed executive in the publishing industry: “If I was the editor who paid $1.3M for a book that’s netted that many copies in its first month of publication, I’d be looking for a new job.”

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