Friday, May 20, 2011

ARMED FORCES DAY - "United in Strength" - MAY 21st, 2011

I have no need to add any other words to the enclosed article but to say, " THANKS !" to all our Armed Forces.

One of the perks of my present job is that I get to be among the nation's finest warriors each day I am here.....they are the best & brightest....regardless of the tripe you read from the media, morale is high and they are focused on doing what they need to to help others....they are dedicated to selfless service.

Armed Forces Day: Oh, what we ask of our troops
By Al Neuharth, USA TODAY Founder

"Saturday's Armed Forces Day should spur all of us to think more seriously about the role and rewards of our military men and women.

Because all our troops are volunteers, many of us don't give them the attention we would if there were a draft that involved family or close friends.

Their scope:

•There are 1,432,400 active duty military personnel and 846,200 reserve troops.

•About 300,000 serve overseas, about 100,000+ in Afghanistan.

Armed Forces Day, officially the third Saturday in May since 1949, began as Army Day in 1936. Appropriately, it now salutes all branches of the military.

.....Fortunately, the pay has become more appropriate than some of the assignments.

The lowest annual pay grade now is $35,386. As a private in the Infantry in World War II, I earned $720 a year, which with inflation is equivalent to $9,200 now.

Army generals and top officers of the Navy, Air Force and Marines now can earn more than $220,000 a year. In the olden days of World War II that was $15,000.

On Armed Forced Day, I'll be proud of all our military and pleased that we reward them more properly financially....."

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