Friday, May 27, 2011

Election 2012 - and in this corner, we have the GOP collection of " Elect me, elect me" wannabees

Like most armchair Political pundits, I have my doubts about what is driving those interested in being President (Ego, narcissism, hutzpah, etc.)....Part of the problem is the "lightweight" sitting in the Oval Office presently....He proved that people are dumb enough to elect a feckless idiot who served in the Senate for only a short time and voted "present" on 74 bills....We need to make sure the next time we elect a President, it isn't some "empty suit " like the present POTUS.

Now, as we have President Doofus on the DEMS side of the equation, the GOP has to find someone who can counter the idijit who sits in the Oval Office presently....

Here is the list and my take on each of the contenders (In Alphabetical Order):

Michele Bachmann - Tea Party Darling, has certain " Palin-like" qualities, mucked it up pretty bad when she was in NH a few weeks ago and stated that she was glad to be where it all started in Concord, the scene of the shot heard around the world.....Excuse me, Congresswoman, that was Concord, Massachusetts, next state over....Before you become President, you have to learn a little about our history. Sorry, you blew it and that will be about far as you go.

Herman Cain - Nice guy, makes a darn good pizza (As founder of Godfather's Pizza chain) but has done little to show he can be trusted with the keys to the kingdom...might get to be considered but more likely good economic advisor for the next guy who really gets elected President. Until then, stay on the sidelines.

Newt Gingrich - Newt, Newt, Newt....what can I're like a case of athlete's foot...annoying and you just won't go away....Run this through your head for a minute, " President NEWT Gingrich "....that just doesn't even sound right..." President Newt " - UGH ! Like we need another guy who admitted to screwing around on his wife in the White House...sorry NEWT, too much baggage and no one but you and the little woman want to see you in the White House....NO ONE...on your way now...don't write. Please. We're begging you to just go away.

Jon Huntsman - Ambassador to China, Former Governor of Utah (Yawn)...Likely a good guy but as charismatic as a bowl of Bran Flakes....a good VP or Cabinet guy but not the Leader of the Free World...We need someone with a little more "Zing" to counter Barry from Chicago

Gary Johnson - Best known for his efforts to legalize marijuana during his two terms as governor of New Mexico...sampling a little of the product, are we sir?? Guy wants to be looser with immigration and acts like the Republican most likely to jump on Obama's bandwagon...sorry Dude, you aren't going to be the GOP guy....time to head back to the desert...

Sarah Palin - What do we do about Sarah ?? Is she the no-nonsense Mama Grizzly or is she the Stalker Girlfriend who wouldn't leave you alone in college ?? She is a political spark-plug who has stepped into it a few times but bounces back....Lotsa interesting stuff there , you betcha!

The Liberals favorite target, she is the GOP version of Nancy Pelosi....the LIBS/DEMS are eager to sink arrows into her....would it make an interesting contest, you betcha x 2...She is one person who can overcome the image that all GOPers are old white men....not sure that is reason enough to put her in charge....if you count her out, you just made a mistake....she cannot be underestimated.

Ron Paul - Ron Paul ? Really?? This guy is the other half of the Dennis Kucinich "aliens conspiracy" double-team....whackier than the March Hare and has been in Congress for 20 years proving it every day....Believes in anything but the things most Americans hold dear...A true Libertarian.....which means he has not been taken seriously by anyone for a long long time...ET is calling sir, you better go run and answer the phone....

Tim Pawlenty - Nice guy - From Minnesota. They have long winters up there and will have a decent shot based on his "main street moderate " approach. Acts very sincere and down to earth....if this is what is needed to given old Jug Ears in the White House a run for the money, I'll consider him the one that would be less likely to make Americans vote for Hopey/Changey guy for another term...needs to get some steam built up but a few primary wins could project him well into that spot....worth watching.

Mitt Romney - MITT, MITT, MITT - you remind us of the creepy guy at the Company Christmas party that everyone tries to avoid but just won't leave us alone...he comes off as desperate and not like the Leader we need.....He has FLIP- FLOPPED more than John Kerry (that's saying quite a bit)

SLICK MITT ROMNEY said he raised 10 Million dollars in a one night phone bank callathon just the other day...Must have been a compelling sales pitch, " Hi, I'm calling from the Mitt Romney Campaign office and if you don't donate some $$$, we'll just keep calling and calling and calling until you do....."

Likely those who were waterboarded at GITMO got off easier than having to listen to his drivel...Just like the speech he gave last week which was pretty much labeled "desperate" by anyone who saw it and those who see him for what he is, another narcissistic fool who believes his own image when he looks in the mirror.

Mitt, just GO AWAY....we're begging you....You aren't going to be President of the United States, no matter how much money you stack up(as he hasn’t figured out not everything or everyone can be bought) And take Ann, your wife who is just as obnoxious as Obama's wife...They are a matched set, and just as delusional as their husbands. Mitt is also famous for torturing the family dog by putting the dog in a kennel on the car roof for a 12 hour ride with the family....if he thinks so little of the family pet, guess what he thinks about you???

Rick Santorum - Rick was a Senator from Pennsylvania and was at the center of some serious debates during his political career about right to life issues...Was the third-ranking Senate Republican, one of his party’s fastest-rising stars who was a brash favorite among social conservatives and now works for Fox News....not sure he can pull the undecided’s over but so far has not done anything that makes him a no-go.....Time will tell....his possible candidacy was greeted with " YAWN" from all side in the political world.....

So there you have it in a nutshell.....IF the GOP doesn't get their act together (and soon), the DOOFUS in Charge will be guaranteed a 2nd term because this collection of political fools are presently enabling him....let's get it together, people.....we are only talking about the future of our country...

Please, we're begging you...find us a decent leader among the collection of clowns who see themselves as the next leader of the free world.

We need a few of these fools to put their egos in check and get out of the way of the few who could actually run a competitive campaign against Barry-From-Chicago.

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