Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Government-by-press-release...POTUS reverts to form

One of the key skills any good Leader needs is to LISTEN to others.....any empty headed idjit can stand at a podium and blather on about what they think, the true sign of Leadership is accepting input from others.....especially those who are your "customers "

Well, it should come to no one's surpirse that our present White House doesn't understand this basic principle....They are stone-deaf to anyone else's input as they are the alledged " smartest people " and know better than the rest of us......

The Fool-In-Charge thinks because America's best, the US Navy Seals, offed OBL, he has a free pass to do whatever he wants and America will faun all over him....WRONG.

The economy is still mortibund, good paying jobs with benefits are not being offered (although McDonalds in hiring !!) and the cost of everything is going through the roof... people are getting squeezed like never before even though when GW was President, the DEMS decried the cost of living under Bush but you hear nothing out of the DEMS about the cost of living now that they have control of the White House.

It seems like right now, the Former Senator from Illinois who voted " PRESENT " on most everything should realize that being "Tone Deaf" to the American people is NOT the mark of a Leader...just a Fool who is in love with his own PR.

Obama's one-way conversation
By JULIE MASON 05/17/11 Politico.com

President Obama today met King Abdullah of Jordan in the Oval Office -- statements, no questions. Still, it was better than last week's meeting with the NATO leader: No pool, no statements, no questions, no photos.

Yesterday, Obama met with flood victims and first responders in Memphis. That was a total lockout and the White House took up pool reporting duties, distributing details of the president's closed-door meetings that reporters had to take on faith, or not at all.

The president hasn't taken questions from the press since April 5, and then he only called on four reporters.

That was during the budget impasse, and since then we've seen the birth certificate, the end of Osama bin Laden, a deficit crisis looming, a big immigration reform push, the resignation of his Mideast peace envoy and more -- all without questions, all government-by-press-release.

It's a good way for the White House to control the message, something they are trying to do more as the campaign rumbles to life. But does it meet the standard for transparency and accountability? White House press secretary Jay Carney got a question about it today.

"I'm sure you'll have opportunities," Carney said, adding that Obama would be taking questions on next week's foreign trip.

"As you know, he has given some interviews in that time, two journalists who have asked him questions about all of the pressing issues of the day, and he'll continue to do that," Carney said. "You know, I think his track record of taking questions and giving interviews is very strong and will continue to be strong going forward."

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