Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Muddy Dog / Wet Dog

Well today was a fairly normal day here doing the job in Kandahar.  Doing the usual work things and trying handle the HR tasks on our program.

Finished up and got back to our residential camp when I saw that my little 4 legged friend Miss Sandy had gotten into the mud somewhere here in our compound....I mean really really muddy.

Muddy as in all over muddy.

The lady here who looks after her took one look at her shaking her head saying " What am I going to do with you??"

Being the gentleman I am, I volunteered to give the little bucket of fuzz/mud a bath in my room.  What the heck, temps today were in the low eighties and I was more than willing to get wet to help out.

The rooms here are set up as what they call a "wet bath".  That means that the whole room is your shower stall, the drain is set in the floor and you basically take a shower and then squeegee the floor dry afterwards.

Ideal for bathing a pup that is covered from snout-to-tail mud.

I got her in to the bathroom with me in a swimsuit and started the process of de-mudding her.  As you might guess, she was very very unhappy about the turn of events. The shower is warm but she was trying stay as far away from it as she could.  I took the little hand washer hose that is on the side of the bathroom here ( for use when you are using the toilet - don't ask) and started to persuade her to head towards the warm shower as the water in the little hose was decidedly cold.... he he he.

Pretty soon she was sitting there letting me wash her off with little resistance but a very very unhappy look on her face.  I finished the job and then set about the task of drying her off with a towel.  This was important as I knew that the minute she was out of the bathroom, she would be happy to shake all the water off her and spray it all over my room.

Once done with her, I had to get myself changed while she sat at the door looking less than happy with the process but a heckuva lot cleaner than she has looked 30 minutes earlier.

Poor pup as she was likely thinking baths are not fun but sometimes very necessary for a muddy puppy in Kandahar. She'll be heading stateside soon to her new family with today's events nothing more than a distant memory.

Silly puppy.

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