Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sandy will have a forever home in the US

There is good news here in Kandahar - We have found a forever home for Miss Sandy in the US !!

If all goes to plan, she will be residing in Seattle with a retired Marine and his family in the near future with the assistance of NOWZAD Dogs.

This will be both happy and sad for all here as she is a sweetheart and we love having her here but we want her to have the best life possible.  Her new family will love her and she will live the life of a lucky dog.

She was found abandoned on the side of the road here in Kandahar and will now live in the USA.

She has hit the "Afghan Doggy Lottery".  Glad we could help her.

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J.R.Shirley said...

The mistreatment of animals, especially dogs, was one of the things I found saddest during my first deployment.

Glad this little sweetheart found someone.