Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are welcoming new pups to our life - Miss Marci & Macey



 My family and I are proud to announce we have adopted a pair of Shelter Dogs ( Border Collie / Hound Mix) that need a good home.

After the loss of our beloved Miss Tessa and Spooky ealrier this year, we will open our home and hearts to the newest members of our clan, Marci & Macey.

We are truly blessed and couldn't be more excited. Here are some words that mean a lot to me and all who value our K-9 friends.

" The dogs in our lives, the dogs we come to love and who (we fervently believe) love us in return, offer more than fidelity, consolation, and companionship. They offer comedy, irony, wit, and a wealth of anecdotes, the "shaggy dog stories" and "stupid pet tricks" that are commonplace pleasures of life. They offer, if we are wise enough or simple enough to take it, a model for what it means to give your heart with little thought of return. Both powerfully imaginary and comfortingly real, dogs act as mirrors for our own beliefs about what would constitute a truly humane society. Perhaps it is not too late for them to teach us some new tricks. "
- Marjorie Garber

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