Thursday, August 23, 2012

Middleboro Jones gets attacked by fierce puppies / While Guardian Angels soar overhead !

BLOGGER.COM is not working properly so I apologize for the way this looks....

When Puppies Attack !!

Yeah, you never know when dangerous things are going to happen over here in AFGHN - Like being muddied and licked to death by a pack of killer puppies !!!! These pups are in training to provide security for where we stay and I happened upon them and their handler walking acorss the grounds. These guys got me muddy and smelling like puppy slobber.... It was wonderful for a guy who misses his pup at home.....
Meanwhile, a few of our protective angels were passing overhead in AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopters..... AWESOME and exactly what an old Seabee like me loves to see. Sometimes things here are not all that bad. If I can just get the next few weeks knocked off........ 36 days until my break !!

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