Friday, August 17, 2012

My next project - A tricked out VW Bus

Like any other person who likes to tinker with old cars ( rusty metal), I am always thinking about the next project I can get working on once  I get the chance - I will have to wait until my time in Kandahar concludes sometime in the future...

This is along the lines of what I am thinking about -

Yeah, I am not the " Hippie Bus " type but I have had a serious liking for the Veedubs since I drove a Karmann Ghia in college....I would like to have it stay fairly close to original but add a little resto-mod flare to it at the same time....something like this -

I would have to make sure it wasn't too low to the ground as in my neck of the woods, that could cause issues but you get the picture.  Take an iconic VW Bus and make it something special.

It all comes down to Time & $$$$ - When I have the TIME, I usually don't have the $$$ and vice-a-versa...we will see what we can devise when I get some time at home to hunt down one that needs some TLC.

UPDATE - Here is the one I chose - a good starting point - A fairly rust free body in need of a little TLC - Came with a TON of parts - a 1970 Bus with serious potential - It is not as old as I wanted as getting a "Splitty" would have been cool but finding a worthy one was either too much $$$ or too much rust - This girl will be the right place to start and worthy of a good refit.....ohhhhh yeah.

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