Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter to the Editor - Romney a successful pro; Obama, a failed amateur

You have to find the right words and this gentleman from NJ puts it plain & simple

We need ADULT LEADERSHIP NOW - Not more dumb-arse Mr. Hopey Changey and his failed stupidity.

Romney a successful pro; Obama, a failed amateur

Recent polls have the presidential race in a near dead heat on votes, yet Mitt Romney continues to trail on “likability.”
It’s distressing that “cool and likeable” have become pivotal traits in a historical presidential election, traits not often associated with very successful people. Sadly, it has become obvious that irrelevant metrics and expansive government entitlements can trump clear thinking.
Maybe these voters will wake up when the economy’s tank goes dry and we fall into the Greece pit. The Obama campaign has done a desperate but effective job of personally demeaning a man who represents the American success story.
Do even the most dull and uninformed really believe that Romney could have achieved this level of success by debasing women, imposing his religious beliefs or killing jobs?
The only important fact is that our country is in the exact same place it was, and worse in some cases, as when Barack Obama took it over four years ago, without offering any new or credible plans to change it. In any other segment of life, who would give someone another shot after this kind of unashamedly failed performance?
Previous Obama supporters need to take the personal hit for being duped by a media-made amateur and save our children’s future.
You may not like your current bosses, but I’ll bet you appreciate what they are doing to maintain your way of life. Many voters don’t like Gov. Christie, but they like what he does.
Vote for the pro, not the amateur.
Terrence Garrity
Seaside Park, NJ

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