Monday, June 18, 2012


Many will never understand it fully but this is why our USMC are the very best.  They made a small boy part of their esteemed history by granting his wish to become a US Marine before he died.

SEMPER FI and Bravo Zulu to all those who helped this boy achieve his dream.  All our prayers for Cody and his family.  

Rest Easy Cody, your Marine Brothers and Sisters have the watch.

A United States Marine stands watch over the hospital door of 12-year-old Cody Green in Florida, Ind. After successfully battling leukemia since he was 22 months old, Green died after a fungus attacked his brain. (Courtesy WLFI/Riley Children's Hospital)

Boy made honorary Marine before he dies

Meera Pal, WTOP.COM

WASHINGTON - Before he died, 12-year-old Cody Green achieved his dream of becoming a United States Marine.

Green had always admired the strength and courage of the Marines says his father, David Snowberger.

Snowberger tells an Indiana-based television station the Marines decided Green had showed "strength and honor and courage" through his health battles.

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