Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Missing Piece

The DEMS and their sycophants at the NY TIMES must be hitting the Kool-Aid pretty hard.

Take a look at this article - " Do Democrats Have A Shot At The House" by Nate Silver

Here's the link -

He talks about a number of factors like all polling shows the GOP handily keeping control of the House, redistricting, hope that an improving economy will boost DEMS chances, blah, blah, blah....

What is CURIOUS to me as a reader is that he doesn't talk about the one factor that will compel all NOT to vote the DEMS into control of the HOUSE of REPS - NANCY PELOSI.

No one wants the Wicked Witch from SAN FRAN back in charge of the one.  That is because she presided over the most screwed up sessions of Congress on record.  The crap that went on under her "leadership" was pathetic.

So blather on DEM Dummies - Especially the NY TIMES idjits.

NO ONE is going to put that witch back in the roll of Speaker.  No how, no way.

Now maybe we can get Dorthy to drop a house on her......

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