Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just when you thought you had problems....FLA deals with TS Debbie

I sent an email to a buddy who transplanted to Florida a number of years ago after seeing about the flooding due to Tropical Storm Debbie -

His reply:

" We got 11 inches of rain from Debbie on Sunday. She is going to hang around and spin back around ( 2 time b-tch), and they are expecting it will rain on and off until Thursday-Friday. We are making do but she is causing sink holes galore which is a major problem down here as the soil is all sand and tends to cave in when their is too much water.

Some folks have already lost their homes due to these. It is weird to walk in my own yard as the sand moves when I walk on it."

And I thought hanging around Afghanistan was a major pain in the arse.....Hope all is Florida will get dry in the near future.

If the animals start lining up in twos, the citizens of Florida might want to start thinking about a "Plan B".

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