Monday, June 25, 2012

The media driven Bullshite regarding swearing in Middleboro, MA

It's time to clear the air about the whole issue of swearing in my hometown of Middleboro, MA.

1. The anti-swearing rule has been on the books in Middleboro since 1968. 

Yes, read that again 1968

The statute was approved that year and was designed to make use of vulgar language similar to what they now call " hate speech" where police could summons someone to court for use of vulgar language in a manner that would be similar to verbal assault and battery.

2. The "new" aspect of this is the Chief of Police simply was trying to make a change so that his officers could issue a ticket for this type of issue instead of having to go through an arrest or summons.  The local ordinance would be still in effect with that one minor change.

3. The MEDIA have ginned this up into something it is NOT.  Like many issues, the MEDIA reported it wrong and the story has gone around the world and has attracted this low-rent activist to come to our fine village to put on a Media covered spectacle.

4. The citizens of Middleboro would like the reporters to work on producing stories about how our country is failing in education, falling behind on innovation, better ways to create good jobs for the citizens and leave stories like this where they belong, lining the bottom of a bird cage.

As a resident of Middleboro, I would like to tell the media types who will cover this huckster's demonstration that there are larger problems that need coverage and you should all focus your attention on our country's REAL problems ( The economy, unemployment, the Federal budget, failing politicians, lack of trust in ourleaders, etc. etc.) instead of the sideshow that will take place on Town Hall lawn today.

To the media idjits, I would ask how about you go back to being journalists for a change ??  It would be a much welcome change from the crappola I see passed off as news.

Town OK with activist’s cuss-fest demonstration
By Laurel J. Sweet  |   Monday, June 25, 2012  | 

A tart-tongued activist hosting today’s “Free (Expletive) Speech Demonstration” at Middleboro Town Hall to protest the town’s $20 fine for cursing in public is inviting President Obama — in Boston today — to come on down, take up a bullhorn and join him in swearing up a blue streak ... for freedom!

“In fact, I invite all politicians who believe in freedom of speech to join us,” Adam Kokesh, a libertarian Internet talk show host, told the Herald in a phone interview from New Hampshire’s Porcupine 2012 Freedom Festival.

Town Moderator Wayne C. Perkins said TV trucks were parked outside town hall yesterday as interest in the swearing story persisted. He said Kokesh doesn’t need a permit so long as he and his supporters limit their outburst to dirty words and he has “no security concerns.”

“Let’s face it, people have a right to voice their opinion,” Perkins said. “If I see Secret Service here, then I’ll be concerned.”

Kokesh said the only exchange he plans to have with police is, “Have a nice (expletive) day.”

The “swear-in” is set for 12:30 to 1 p.m. — Kokesh said he wants to be foul-mouthed, but he doesn’t want to be disruptive — and he expects as many as 200 people to blaspheme about the 183-50 Middleboro Town Meeting vote earlier this month to establish a $20 fine for potty talk. The measure is under review for its constitutionality by the Attorney General’s Office.

“This is about standing up to a bully — maybe a bully in the form of 183 voters and a police department, but a bully nonetheless,” said Kokesh, 30, an Iraq war veteran and anti-war protester who stumped for Ron Paul’s campaign for president.

“I think it’s child abuse to tell your children that certain words have an emotional power that can cause sensitivity or hurt people’s feelings. Language is a tool. You can use it for good or bad. But a word should never be taboo,” said Kokesh, who was arrested in Washington, D.C., last year for taking part in a flash mob protesting the prohibition of dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Selectman Stephen McKinnon, who said he’s been approached about the ban by reporters from ABC News and the BBC, said he doesn’t have much time for the ban himself. “We have bigger problems in our town than worrying about cussing.”

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