Thursday, September 1, 2011

While you enjoy your Labor Day weekend, remember those at the " Tip O' the Spear "

The re-entry into life in these United States after being over in Afghanistan is something you have to experience to fully understand. The ability to just get in a vehicle and drive wherever you want without worrying about security & going "outside the wire" is a stark reminder of the difference you face between "here" and "there".

I enjoy the simplicity of being able to use a bathroom that is inside the building where you sleep, having easy access to a kitchen full of food (good food) and being able to go out and do whatever you want for the day (like visit my Dad on the Cape) instead of working a 12-14 hour day.....amazing.

The New England Patriots are playing tonight in Foxboro, RED SOX are battling the Yankees in Fenway tonight and there is cold beer to share with friends....awesome.

Meanwhile, I got the Old 1963 Navy Jeep out of the barn, knocked the dust off her and took her for a little cruise around the neighborhood to stretch her legs....she needs it as she hasn't been out of her barn since April. A car show will be visited on Sunday.

Like most, we don't understand fully what we have lost until we lose it. While you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend, and having fun, remember that there are thousands of Servicemen & Women out there at the tip of the spear, working it 24/7. They too would rather be at home but willingly serve our country under the most difficult conditions.

They do it for you. Remember this next time you seem to be having a difficult day, likely there is someone out there in uniform having a tougher day than you are.

My thanks to those who serve as I know what they are dealing with and salute them for all there dedication and honor.

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