Monday, September 12, 2011

The so called " Jobs Plan" from the White House

The President previously spent $900 Billion in Stimulus money to help the economy and it didn't produce any real results, so explain to me how spending on a "jobs plan" the White House estimates at $447 billion will be any different ???

The new plan calls for construction jobs, teachers, police, etc to get more $$$ which all went for naught last time, so how will this not be a stupendous failure like last time??

This is more of the same from the White House and not an answer to how regular Americans will see "real jobs" as we progress forward....

Shame on those who believe that the "Jobs Plan" will make a single bit of difference in the economy other than deepening the debt we find ourselves in. To help Americans, we need real jobs, not ones ginned up in an effort to get the President re-elected, something he DOES NOT deserve as he has been an utter failure, as predicted. He was the wrong person for the job then, and he is the wrong person for the job now.

The only thing the "Jobs Plan" from the President is trying to create is a 2nd term for himself.

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