Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soldiers steps up for a puppy that needed his help

A Massachusetts Soldier steps up and makes a difference for one puppy who needed help. This soldier made an extraordinary effort to bring one home from Afghanistan. If more people did the same here at home, we would have less animals in shelters.
Local Soldier Adopts Puppy He Rescued In Afghanistan
WBZ TV Boston

– Quentin Carmichael, a guardsman with the 181st Infantry out of Worcester was guarding his post in Afghanistan.

He saw something moving on a camera, and it turned out to be a den of puppies.

He saw local kids take one of the puppies out and torture and kill it

So, he decided to step in.

He gathered up the puppies and made sure they found their way to a shelter where they were safe.

They were adopted and Quentin got one for himself.

He noticed that as a puppy she was sad, but now she is much happier to have a nice home.

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