Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Gear's James May, a.k.a. "Captain Slow", takes the Bugatti Veyron SS to the edge

Top Gear fans know James May as the straight man in the trio of Brit Petrol Heads. He plays the foil for Jeremy Clarkson's bombast and Richard Hammond plays May's usual partner in crime.

Usually, they set out for a challenge and May & Hammond square off against Clarkson on a race across some part of the world where the lads find misadventure along the highways & byways of the world. Automotive based insanity ensues as expected.

It is brilliant to say the least...

Well " Captain Slow " got a chance to take it to the edge by piloting a Bugatti Veyron SS, the world's fastest production car on a test track in Germany. What is it like to take the world's fastest car to the edge of 260 miles per hour ? Take a look.....Bloody Brilliant.

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