Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the road.....

As previously mentioned, I am on an adventure of sorts.  Bought a 1974 VW Bus in Seattle and I'm taking her cross country back to Boston.  Something I have always wanted to do (Drive Cross the USA) and part of getting the right vehicle.

Have had a few hiccups - Fuel Pump went in Spokane, WA - That delayed me a day but found a shop with great mechanics.  Had to replace 2 front tires after road damage on Rt 16 leaving Mt. Rushmore ....These things happen on a 3000 mile drive in 40 yr old vehicle.

Every where I go, she's the "Rock Star" as all anyone wants to talk about is her, I'm just the entourage.  This VW Bus attracts attention everywhere we go.....

I'll post pics later once I get home .  Trying to get there sometime Saturday......Inshalla
 As my Afghan friends would say.

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shwetha hariharan said...

Thank you , Chris, I found this exercise highly interesting.

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