Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thursday......It's the new Friday

Over here, we look forward to Thursday as it is the end of our work week.  The locals get Friday and Saturday off so Thursday is the new Friday over here.

We have a good meal as the camp we're at provides a nice BBQ and then we have Friday off.  It is nice to have one day a week here where you can just hang out and chill.

I have to spend part of my day Friday packing some items to ship home prior to demobbing from here later this month.  I will be able to spend the summer at home for the first time since 2009.... It has been quite a while and I plan on taking full advantage of the season and all that it holds.

Mrs. MJ has some things for me to do and that is to be expected .....she has been running the homefront for a year on her own and that is no small feat.

So here is today's picture ( which was taken yesterday actually) - A brilliant sunrise over Kandahar on the first day of May, which should be the last month I spend in Afghanistan.....


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