Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Next Mission

Spent the first week home getting used to life in these United States again.  It takes a little while to get off the deployment express and get back to being part of the homefront.

Part of this is also looking at what options are available to me for the next mission.

I have been told by multiple friends and family that my days of traveling to Afghanistan are at an end. I've made enough trips there ( 7 trips in and out of country in total).

Working on the next plan and have been looking toward self employment.  There are resources available to help Veterans like me with setting up a business.  I have become somewhat disolusioned with work in corporate America as they are solely focused on $$$.  People have become a disposable resource to companies and for a HR professional who values workers, it has become disheartening.

More to follow as the next mission progresses.  Like other challenges I have faced, this one will be an adventure I am sure.

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