Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VW Bus Style Trailer is very very cool

This is a very cool way to trailer and camp....I will have to look into this type of trailer as hauling one of these behind my 1970 VW Bus would be awesome for road trips

Now this is how to hitch a ride in a VW.

The Dub Box is a faux Volkswagen Microbus that has been reimagined as a travel trailer.

The 12-foot-long fiberglass creation can be outfitted in a variety of configurations, including a double bed sleeper or food truck.

It weighs about 1,300 pounds and comes with integrated trailer brakes, gas stove, sink, retro refrigerator and an audio system for a starting price of $17,990, but optional extras include heating, a pop top roof and even hinged safari windows. A do-it-yourself rolling shell is available for $8,990.

First developed in the U.K., the Dub Box is manufactured in Oregon and, as the company points out, no real VWs are hurt in the process.

Hooking up one of these to an original Type 2 may be the formula for the freakiest road trip of all time

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