Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Politics and How the President acted yesterday

The news over the last 24 hours has been grim.  75 million affected by Hurricane Sandy in an area from North Carolina to Maine.  By all accounts NJ, NYC, MD and Delaware took the worst of it.  Philly too.

It will take weeks to asses the totals.  The number of people lost will be the grim statistic of the storm as 60+ were lost in the tropics and more will be added to that total in areas of the East Coast effected.

Meanwhile, the political grandstanding goes on.  The President made sure to make himself highly visible yesterday, in a manner he did not do a year ago when Irene hit the East Coast or more importantly, when 4 Americans died in Benghazi.  That night instead of manning the Situation Room, he went back to bed and then after a small news conference, he went to Vegas.

Charles Krauthammer made a point of outlining his feelings about it last night:

Well, he says he’s not concerned about the impact on the elections. I’m sure he’s very sincere on that. But it is a little odd that he shows up in the Briefing Room where he hasn’t shown up in the Briefing Room for what, a month-and-a-half? 

For Libya or for anything else for that matter. Then you get the photo-ops of him in the Situation Room deploying I guess the utility crews who restore power all over America. 

Where you would think he might want to use the Situation Room to convene high level people during the night hours when our people were under attack in Benghazi. 

It’s hard to look at this, playing the president, playing the Commander in Chief in what’s a natural disaster that really doesn’t require a lot of from the White House. It’s up to the governors mostly. The White House and the government release money. That’s all they do and he’s really good at releasing money.”

8 more days until we can send a message to the White House that it is time for ADULT LEADERSHIP and not this immature pol who has been a utter failure.

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