Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's a small world after all

On my recent return home for vacation, the United flight that I was scheduled on out of Dubai to the USA was cancelled due to mechanical issues.  That meant 320 passengers had to scramble for new flights.

While I was in line waiting to get rebooked, I spoke to the Gentleman behind me who was traveling home due to the death of his Father.  I was unhappy due to the delay of the cancelled flight, but this guy's pain was worse.  When you are far from home and learn about the loss of a parent, every second's delay is an eternity.

We both got new tickets and went our separate ways.  I got home and hoped that he had done the same in time for the funeral.

On the way back, I wound up staying in Dubai for a day as you fly into Dubai one day, and fly back out to AFGHN the next morning.  I am sitting outside the hotel waiting for the hotel bus when who walks out of the hotel but my fellow traveler who I last saw on the way home.

Talk about your small world....we discussed our trips home and all the issues of what occurred during the last two weeks.  It was a strange coincidence that two travelers would be on the exact same schedule twice w/o knowing it, especially traveling this far from the US.

It really is a small world even though it seems a lot farther when you are delayed from traveling as scheduled.

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