Monday, December 27, 2010


HYPOCRITES abound....and the source of today's hypocrisy is no real surprise. You will have to excuse my vitriol but this gets my blood boiling.....I am a Dog lover and value them highly....apparently POTUS does not. and we know what VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER feels about dogs.

Back in August, I posted a bit about HYPOCRISY-

So today's source of HYPOCRISY is no real surprise - POTUS decides that VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER deserves praise along with the Philadelphia Eagles for giving him a 2nd chance.... POTUS has been telling us that we wants only the best and to support the best of why is he pandering politically about a CONVICTED FELON???

We have a President who chastised a Cambridge, MA Police Officer for doing his job last year is now praising a convicted felon because he is an athlete and can throw a football???? And what would happen to YOU if you were the convicted felon??? Nothing, because the President wouldn't give a RAT'S ARSE for you.....He only cares about VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER because he panders to those in the URBAN community who like VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER....pathetic. Pathetic and hypocritical.

This is what POTUS should be saying about VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER - " As President it would be inappropriate for me to comment on Micheal Vick and as someone who has been convicted of a brutal crime against animals, I feel he will need to spend a good part of his adult life atoning for this egredious crime against dogs and our collective sense of what's decent and proper in society." - NOW that would be Presidential. Do you think we would ever hear this from POTUS??

And what does VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER have to say about on wanting to OWN a DOG ??
" I'm not allowed to, but I'm just saying I wish I could because my kids ask me every day. It's more so for them than for me."

RIGHT - "It's for the CHILDREN...." ARE YOU F'&*ing kidding me???

Pathetic HYPOCRITES unworthy of anything but condemnation... a Pandering Failed Politician and a Failed Human Being who thinks he can be forgiven simply because he can throw a football.

The dogs that VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER and his crew killed, (including family pets taken out of people's yard for use as bait for his fighting dogs) could not be reached for comment....

December 27, 2010 1:59 PM
Obama Lauds Michael Vick's Second Chance - CBSNEWS

President Obama reportedly approves of the second chance Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is getting this year, just a year removed from serving 18 months in federal prison on charges related to a dog fighting ring.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports reports that Mr. Obama recently called Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to praise the team for giving Vick a chance.

Lurie said Mr. Obama told him that "So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance," King reported on

Lurie said Mr. Obama was "passionate about it," adding that the president said "it's never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail. And he was happy that we did something on such a national stage that showed our faith in giving someone a second chance after such a major downfall.''

Vick joined the Eagles last year following his release from prison, but didn't play much. But he took the starting quarterback job early this year, and has led the team to the playoffs while compiling numbers some think are worthy of him winning the league's MVP award.

However, he has continued to spark controversy over his past, especially when he recently said in an interview that he would like to own a dog again.

"What happened in my past and what I did in the culture I grew up in doesn't shape and mold me as the person I am now," Vick said in an interview as he seeks to be redeemed in the public's eyes. "I said it before that I wish I can own a dog and I'll continue to say it. I'm not allowed to, but I'm just saying I wish I could because my kids ask me every day. It's more so for them than for me."

VICK-THE-DOG-KILLER should spend the rest of his life cleaning dog kennels...THAT would be justice.

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