Saturday, December 11, 2010

GO NAVY - BEAT ARMY - Talking smack with a One-Star General in Kandahar about " The Game"

The Tradition continues....and we are glad to be able to share in watching NAVY beat ARMY like the rented mules they are....

I was in Kandahar last Christmas, and had a great is one of the things that makes it tolerable to be there....the food is the head of the line was a One-Star Army type shaking hands with all...I wished him a Merry Christmas and told him I needed his help answering a one else in the Army could answer, he being a One-star should be able to provide guidance -

” Sure son, what can I do for you?” he asks

I stated, ” Can you tell me why your boys can’t tackle 11 squids with a football for 8 years running????”

Well he laughed and replied, ” One day, we are going to take that trophy away from you…”

My reply, ” You will try, Sir….you will try.”

Message went out that night to e-mail friends,

” Christmas in Kandahar, Christmas Dinner with the Warfighters, Talking *Smack* with a One-star, does it get any better????”

And NO, it doesn’t get any better for this retired Petty Officer 1st class...


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