Monday, December 13, 2010

This is why we fight these bastards - Taliban terrorists use children to detonate bombs

This is all the info you need to know as to why we will fight these amount of political diatribe can wash away the evidence that these murderous thugs will continue to do things like this until we take them out, and free the people of Afghanistan from their plainer way to say it.

I had previously posted about them publicly hanging a 7 year old child, accusing him of being a spy - see link to post below

I, for one, am glad to say that I was there in Afghanistan and supported the Troops that capture and kill these heinous bastards....Until we can turn the tide against them, it will be a fight, but one in which we must not fail. As I have stated before, and it is worth repeating, this fight will be:
" All hard, all the time."

Afghanistan: Taliban terrorists use children to detonate bombs

Taliban terrorists used a two-year-old girl as the trigger for an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, killing the child and five Afghan police officers. Afghan National Police officers near Kandahar stopped their vehicle to comfort the child who they saw sobbing by the side of the road. The Islamist insurgents had ordered the toddler not to move, in order to lure the hapless officers who were being trained by British troops at the Helmand police training center in Lashkar Gah.

The incident happened in mid-2010, according to Afghan police in training. One of the officers, and eyewitness, said “Bad people did this. They are enemies of humanity, enemies of Islam and enemies of the Koran.” This fresh horror came to light when civilian police of Britain’s Ministry of Defense observed with shock that not one of their Afghan trainees went to calm a child during a practical training session on dealing with missing children. Recruits to the Afghan police forces related to their British mentors the horror they had observed earlier in the year. ran a practical training session on what to do if Afghan police found a missing child. The Brits were shocked not one officer went to calm a child in the session - until recruits told them of the sick trick of using tiny tots as triggers. One British officer said that he was unprepared for such devious tactics, saying "I've come to teach them community policing but it's life and death every day.”

Explosive booby traps such as these (IEDs) have been used to deadly effect following the invasion of Iraq by US and Allied forces, killing numerous troops as well as civilians. In Afghanistan, an IED consisting of a 250 lb bomb was found by Afghan police forces on November 1. The device was rigged with bullets and metal fragments for maximum effect. It was hidden in a drainage pipe beneath a road in apparent Taliban revenge for a firefight they encountered with British troops just a day earlier. Defused by British demolition teams, the device was detonated under controlled circumstances, leaving a crater 5 feet deep and 20 feet wide. Witnesses said that it could have easily flipped a military vehicle and killed its occupants had it been detonated as planned by the Taliban. Afghan police that found the bomb had noticed a copper detonation wire that extended more than 400 yards to a nearby treeline.

British troops in February 2010 noted that children as young as 12 were being used by the Islamist marauders to plant IEDs with the intention of killing and maiming troops. British Army commanders say insurgents are forcing children to lay IEDs because they know they will not be shot by British snipers. Moreover, say British sources, the children’s parents and families are likely to have been threatened by the Taliban to allow their children to carry out terrorist tasks.

Editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. He is also a freelance translator.

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