Friday, November 27, 2009

Half way there.....Kuwait City

Took a flight and got half way there. Landed in Kuwait only to find out one of my bags was left behind in Washington D.C. - UGH! I guess it is better than not knowing where it is but that means I need to stay in Kuwait for a few days....Bag has most of my "incountry gear" - extra socks, towels , etc. Better to have that one delayed than the one with all my toiletries & regular stuff.

Got a decent meal, learned the exchange rate ( $3.25 US = 1 Kuwait Dinar) and had some time to kill as I will be here for a few days until my bag catches up with me. Then, I get to get on the last leg of the journey in country. I guess I shouldn't complain as that means a few more days of good hotel living before I get to camp out for a YEAR.....

Hope all had a good holiday and enjoyed Thanksgiving day dinner with family. I will look forward to next year's celebration. Had the chance to speak with some folks from texas before leaving DFW about being from SE Mass and living close by to Plymouth Plantation, etc. They thought it was very interesting and would like to visit up our way.

All for now from Middleboro Jones.... further updates as they are available.

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