Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ben Sherman comes home to Manomet

Ben Sherman is coming home to Manomet today. He will be brought home by his family and honored by the community & friends who salute his service to our nation. It is true that the tree of liberty must be regularly watered with the blood of patriots, as this has kept our nation safe for 200+ years.

His Mother, Denise Sherman made a powerful statement last week regarding her son and the course of our wars overseas:

“I am requesting,” she said, “because we are one nation under God, that you ask our nation to come together in prayer, to pray for all those who are missing to persevere, to pray for his comrade’s family (for him) to be found safe and returned home, for those who have gone before us and have made the sacrifice (for) this country, and for those who serve our great nation to be guided and protected…I pray for the leaders every day that they are guided to make good decisions.

“This is to the President of the United States: It is time. It is time to make a decision. "

“I think it is time that a decision is made that this country comes together and supports our troops or whatever (President Obama) decides. God will guide him. But it is time. It is time,” she said.

Earlier in my blog, I ran a copy of a column from another blogger, Neptunus Lex, who wrote about this same subject. It said:

" The time for half measures and dithering is over. It’s time to go heavy, or go home.
There is no middle path." -

Ben Sherman was the tip of the spear.

As George Orwell said: People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

We as a nation owe a debt of gratitude to Ben Sherman and others like him who stand on the wall, and make sure nothing will harm you as you go about your life at home.

Rest in Peace, Ben Sherman. Patriot, Paratrooper, Son, Father-to-be, Brother & Leader.

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