Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sandy needs a home in the USA

I have found a new friend here in Kandahar and she is a real cutie.  Sandy is a fat little ball of fur and very loving.

What I would like to see is if there is someone there in the states who would like to give her a forever home in the US?  I have some help stateside who will work with us along with Nowzad Dogs to get her stateside.

The main thing would be to have a family who will want to give her a home.  We need a family who will want Sandy and give her a chance for a better life.  That will also help with the process of getting her to the US.  She needs a family who wants her first and foremost.

The cost is between $4000-5000 and would need to be raised via donations.  I know that no one person would be able to provide the full price but if you would like to help Sandy, many others will also donate to help.  I have a few dog rescue groups who have offered to assist with the fundraising also.

So here is what we need - what can you do to help??  IF you can help or have a home for Sandy, send me a message.  I know that there is someone out there who would like to help.  If you give her a chance, she will work her way into your heart.

Again, send me a note via US NAVY JEEP and hopefully there is a family for Sandy out there.

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