Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.....Return to Kandahar / AFU

Got off the 2 days return flight to Afghanistan to only discover that my company & the crew had to move from our posh digs at Place "Z" to another less well appointed place called Place "Y"

The reason why??  Well it seems there was a disagreement with the local ANP (Afghan National Police), the ANA (Afghan Nat'l Army) and the good people of Place "Z".  When they didn't agree, they confiscated the weapons from the security force at Place "Z". The security force are the guys who guard the gate and perimeter to Place "Z".  Our security detail still had their weapons, but w/o the Place "Z's" security forces having them too, it was ruled a no-go.

Without proper security, our corporate office had the crew move to Place "Y" the day before I arrived.

So I land in and all our stuff is at Place "Z" but we are over at Place "Y" .....Let's just say this was not what I expected when I returned from R&R.

So while suffering from the usual ill effects of jet lag, I am also a displaced person without about 2/3rd of my usual gear.  Arrrrgh.....

We are supposed to be able to get back to normal in a few days when arrangements will be corrected, so it is roll with the punches time.

I had stopped at the Dubai airport McDonalds and bought 20 hamburgers as my local staff like that stuff and I told them I would bring them some.  Well with work locale all AFU, they were not onsite to sample the fast food I had brought.

BUT I found a puppy friend here at our new place who was more than happy to sample a few of the burgers......she is my new friend "Sandy" and a real cutie - only about a month old....

The best laid plans of mice and men as they say...more later on the further adventures of "Middleboro Jones" as we find out what will happen next here in Krazy Kandahar.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

She IS a little cutie! A dog that likes McDonalds can't be all bad. My sister's dog Max is always ready for a double cheeseburger off of the dollar menu.

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