Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kandahar Police repel a VBIED attack

The local Afghan Police station in our section of Kandahar endured a VBIED ( Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attack Monday afternoon.

A VBIED went off and there was light arms fire and grenade fighting back and forth from 14:30 until 18:00 or so.  The loss of life is the saddest aspect as this kind of attack is cowardly and the sign the Taliban do not value the lives of the people of Afghanistan, only killing the innocents.

Just another day in Kandahar.  We are well protected and our security was doubled to ensure we would not be next.

For us, all else has been quiet....really.  This was the first issue we have seen in the last three - four weeks ( other when I was awoken by things going Rat-a-tat-tat at midnight)

83 days until R&R.....Here is the news account on what happened - I have enclosed a picture from the scene - sad stuff.

Two children killed in Taliban attack on local Police Station in Kandahar

In Afghanistan, a pitched battle took place in the Taliban stronghold region of Kandahar, as suicide bombers detonated explosives at the entrance to a police compound. At least five people have been killed, including two children.

­The Monday attack targeted governmental, police and military buildings in Kandahar, the regional capital in the country’s south. Speaking to journalists, Governor Tooryalai Wesa explained that militants had explosives attached to their bodies.

Three bombers were on a motorcycle when their explosives went off prematurely as they tried to attack the police compound. Two children who were playing nearby were killed and six others injured, provincial spokesman Jawed Faisal told AFP. They were aged between eight and 12.

The attack continued when at least three more insurgents took over a nearby school and fired on police. They were gunned down by police before they could get into the compound, according to the spokesman. The gun battle lasted for two hours.

Official figures list 23 people killed, with 17 presumably being the terrorists, three being members of police, and three civilians, including the two children. Local medical personnel report about 40 wounded, including 18 police officers.

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