Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring has sprung

If the weather forecasters are to be believed, we will see almost 70 degrees here in Boston today and for most of this week.

It looks like we have dodged Old Man Winter this year and can look forward to the return of warmer weather. After the winter we had last year, it is a relief not to have to go through another one this year.

Gas prices are still inching up and that will curtail many people from traveling far this Spring and well into the Summer. The POLS are trying to paint a rosy picture of recovery but it still is not evident to those who pay attention on the local level. My mechanic has seen business falling off and his parts store echoed that when they did work on my truck this past week. Both said that even though people are holding on to the vehicles longer, people don't have the money to bring the cars in for regular maintenance either.

Right now, we will see "more of the same" from the POLS until the election in November. There isn't much that will be accomplished politically as no one in office wants to give the opposition any leverage.

For now, I say let's focus on the nicer weather, the return of baseball and all the things that will return to growing. The other items will not change much and are not as engaging right now. I am hopeful for a good season of growing and enjoying time on the patio with the pups. They are looking forward to getting back outside too.

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